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Here are some reviews on some latest movies/songs/books I’ve been watching/listening to/reading. I’m going to try and do this every week so eeennnnjooooy!!

MOVIE: She’s the Man Starring Amanda Bynes. Four out of five stars. **** I like it a lot, but there’s some swearing and other stuff that makes it a little uncomfortable. Amanda Bynes is a great actress and her + Channing Tatum = good chemistry. It’s really funny to see a girl-pretending-to-be-her-brother try and make it on a boy’s soccer team. Hahaha

BOOK(S): Mockingjay By Suzanne Collins. Four out of five stars. **** I know everyone hates it, but you really have to read it a second time before you can finally get the reasoning behind it. Though I did cry when my favorite character died. I’m zipping my mouth so the spoiler won’t be given out. I did hate it at first for said reason, but I like it now. Kinda.

Also, The Wind on Fire Trilogy by William Nicholson. Three and a half out of five stars. ***^ (I can’t do a half-star) It’s a really good, little-known series that is excellent, but it just seems too coincidental. You know what I mean. I still love it though.

(NOTE- My dad says he has never heard me say I hated a book and meant it, though I came close with Mockingjay.)

SONG: Dancing Crazy By Miranda Crosgrove. Three out of five stars. *** I can’t get it out of my head, so it was demoted to three stars. Usually a song stuck in someone’s head is a good thing, but for me, it just means I go on singing it and annoy either myself or the people around me. Plus there’s a part that’s a bit… unlikeable? I don’t know. I’m not too fond of it. But it’s a good song.

OTHER: Twelfth Night By Shakespeare. Three out of five stars just because I can’t read it! *** I’ve been using Sparknotes’ No Fear Shakespeare to help me ‘decode’ the original and it really helps. It’s decent so far and She’s the Man is based on it. (See review above.)

I’m obsessed with the Mentalist by the way. And Bones. And NCIS. I think that’s all. Let’s just say, I love crime/police shows. So all three are right up my alley.

Well, what have you been seeing/reading/listening to lately?


I’m going to introduce you to people who will often be in my blog.

1.) My sisters. Fireling, Spiritess and Dramatika.  They are all younger than me. Their nicknames kinda describe them. Yeah, just imagine. (Names may be subject to change.)

2.) My friends. Voldemort, the quiet(ish), rock-loving friend who enjoys coffee and Kestrel, the also quiet, usually fiery friend who doesn’t like coffee. They’re both girls, by the way.     (No, those are not their names. Yes, there is a story behind that. No, I won’t tell you right now.)

3.) And last but not least…. my cat. ‘Cuz she’s cute. Here she is:


Isn't she cute?

Don’t let her cuteness fool you. She’s very crazy. Hence the nickname, PsychoKitty.

It was Fireling and Spiritess’ birthday party today. (They’re not twins, they just have birthdays close together.) It was quite overwhelming because, though you would not know it online, I am very introverted. So 27 kids between the ages of 8-13 is very headache-making. But Voldemort was there, so we had fun together. We manned the presents table. 🙂

Do you have any siblings/pets/siblings that act like pets?

Until later…

~The StoryWeaver


This is a really short post, because I have to go bowling, but I was slightly psychic last night.

So I wrote about snow and what was it doing this morning? Snowing! Majorly, actually. I’ll post a picture soon.

Do you like snow?

(Author’s note– I don’t believe in psychics, but I like to say “I’m psychic” in the same way I joke about karma. That’s for another post, though.)

(Author’s note II– This post was actually written about eight hours after the previous, but I scheduled them to post later. Hahaha, I laughing again. See: Mini-Post Number 1)

Sayanora! For now…

~The StoryWeaver


Crazy, huh. That was in about two hours.

Just wanted to post a picture of what our lawn looked like when we left.

Yeah, I hate to officially start my blog on a saddening note but I’m sick. Can I just say I hate being sick? Especially since I can’t breathe right now. And to top it all off, our tea maker wasn’t working so I couldn’t have a nice cup of mint to clear my nose.

Okay, I’m making it sound worse than it is. Honestly I’ve been sleeping most of the day, which literally takes hours away from my day. 🙂 If only, If only….

On the other hand, in the few moments of lucidity that I had on Thursday (the day I got sick. I can only remember possibly ten minutes at a time. I think I had a fever.) and when the snow still lasted, I think I decided that snow makes a “scrumnch” sound. You know, snow doesn’t really “crunch” like a bag of chips. It has another sound. My CW teacher is trying to find out what it is and I’ve decided it’s “scrumnch.”

In other making-up-words-news, I have made up another word! It is misgrammitization, or misgrammitizing if you want to turn it into a verb. It’s basically the act of making a grammar mistake or the said grammar mistake.

Last year, my classmates and I made up a new word as well. It is ‘ilchanurite” (ILL-chan-u-write) and means, basically an annoying jerk. Or someone who’s simply annoying or a jerk. You can decide. It’s one of my major insults, besides “You are lower than a pinecone on an anthill”, “cottonheaded ninny muppet”, “go get whipped” and “curse you and the horse you ride on.”

So what are your favorite made-up words and/or insults? Do you think that “scrumnch” is a good sound for snow? Will you use these new words? Have you made up any of your own? Comment!

~The StoryWeaver

Okay, really random post made up of a combination of sugar, medicine, sickness and fatigue.

I just figured out how to post things a couple of hours, days, months later! That is so awesome! I wrote this at 12 am, yet I am going to make it post at 8:15 am. How cool is that!?!

*Mini-post and ramblings over.*

~The StoryWeaver

Hello world!

Hi. I’m The StoryWeaver, otherwise known as Lexi. I’ve decided to start a(nother) blog. Mine wasn’t very successful to start out with, so I’m starting over again. Plus my page was in a foreign language and I couldn’t change it.

A few things about me and this blog. I’m a MK, missionary kid, third-culture kid ect. living in Bulgaria. Most common questions: No, It’s not in South America, it’s in Europe. It’s not close to Russia, France, Germany or England. It’s right by Greece and Turkey. Yes, they speak Bulgarian and I do too. I have three sisters, all younger.

Okay, I got that out of my system. As you might be able to tell from my username, I love words and stories. I read constantly and try to write daily, though it can be hard.

Oh, yes, before I forget. Well, actually, I did forget and then remembered. 🙂  The name of this blog comes from my motto. “You can never get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to satisfy me.” It’s from C.S. Lewis and should be somewhere on my page.

I’m not sure what this blog is really going to be about, so yeah. Just random things, story ideas, how to write stories… Do you guys have any ideas? Suggestions? Preferences?

~The StoryWeaver