Welcome to Day One of the Blogging Challenge! I’m nervous, kinda, because I don’t know if I can do this. I’ll definitely need your help. 🙂

So. A song.

*Whispers* I’m going to cheat. I’m going to post THREE songs. But they’re all different genres. So here they are.

NUMBER ONE: Carrickfergus by Celtic Woman.

Aw, it’s so beautiful and haunting. I love her voice. And it’s such a sad song. Okay, on to the next!

NUMBER TWO: My Boots by Lights.

It’s such an awesome song about winter. I hum it all the time.

NUMBER THREE: Brielle by Sky Sailing

I love the story that is told in this song. It’s so melancholy and pretty about a man going off to war and leaving his beloved.

So (t)here is (are) my (three) song(s). What do you think of them? Did you know of them before?

So I should probably do my homework. 🙂

I did it! Day one of the blog challenge complete! I’m a little psyched right now. Good night…or morning…or afternoon.

~The StoryWeaver.