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I’m sad to inform anyone who’s reading this that PsychoKitty died a couple of months ago. We miss her very much and she is still loved. Hopefully, we will get another pet to take her place, but she will never be replaced.

~The StoryWeaver

What do you think of this statement? “Liars are kidnappers, traitors and killers as well.”

Do you think it’s true?

Oh, and here’s a picture of the girl who said it. I really love the picture, by the way.

Robyn, my charrie.

Here is a picture of my semi-main character. 🙂

Do you have any pictures of your main characters? Semi-main characters? Wise words from any characters?
~The StoryWeaver

This is a really short post, because I have to go bowling, but I was slightly psychic last night.

So I wrote about snow and what was it doing this morning? Snowing! Majorly, actually. I’ll post a picture soon.

Do you like snow?

(Author’s note– I don’t believe in psychics, but I like to say “I’m psychic” in the same way I joke about karma. That’s for another post, though.)

(Author’s note II– This post was actually written about eight hours after the previous, but I scheduled them to post later. Hahaha, I laughing again. See: Mini-Post Number 1)

Sayanora! For now…

~The StoryWeaver


Crazy, huh. That was in about two hours.

Just wanted to post a picture of what our lawn looked like when we left.

Okay, really random post made up of a combination of sugar, medicine, sickness and fatigue.

I just figured out how to post things a couple of hours, days, months later! That is so awesome! I wrote this at 12 am, yet I am going to make it post at 8:15 am. How cool is that!?!

*Mini-post and ramblings over.*

~The StoryWeaver