SOOOO… This is an idea garden, as the title suggests. What is an idea garden? Weeeellll, it is basically a page where I keep all my ideas-to-turn-into-books. Yeah! It is an idea partially from KathrineROID (you can find her blog here: It’s really good–go check it out!) and partially from my father. Here they are!

The Warrior and the Archeress

Fantasy (Fairytale Retelling) High School Level. Summary: A servant being trained in the way of a warrior. A girl who has been on her own all her life. A group of outlaws in the forrest. What will happen when a disbelieving boy is thrown into the world of Robyn Hood, healers, dragons, dryads and devious opponents? Alistair and his friends embark on a series of adventures that will change his life and the life of everyone he meets. STATUS: COMPLETE! YES!

The Aurora Chronicles (Name in working, series). Fantasy (Kinda Sci-Fi) High School Level. Summary of the first book: When Aurora, Ethan and Fauna’s sister falls ill with the Shadow sickness, they must run to the Capitol in a desperate plight to save her, the village, and their whole nation. But the very person they hope will help them might just be the person behind all this disaster. When a mute girl and a mysterious boy show up at their doorstep, will they still be able to accomplish their mission? STATUS: Thoroughly thought out but not put into words. There are four books in the series.

Currently Untitled Book. (Celeste?)

Real-life. High School Level. Summary: Celeste’s sister Elise was killed and Celeste knows who the murderer is. But she’s not talking. To anyone. She has gone completely silent. With the help of her gruff old neighbor and his rebel grandson, she finally finds her voice… and the courage to name her sister’s killer. STATUS: The summary and about one page of mental dialogue in my head. I will write it down after I finish The Warrior and the Archeress. I’m concentrating on that right now.

OTHERS: A short story based on the song Brielle by Sky Sailing. A book about four princesses taken hostage, based on me and my sissies. Well, we’re not hostage or anything, but still. The prequel to TWATA, based on Mulan and the sequel to TWATA, based on Sleeping Beauty.

So what do you think?

~The StoryWeaver