I’m very ashamed right now. *Hides face* Very ashamed. I have not posted in *checks calendar* approximately two weeks. Ah! I have excuses though. The primary ones being

a) my parents were gone the first week and I was at Voldemort’s house.

b) There was a basketball tournament for the high schoolers plus one for the middle schoolers. (Fireling is on the middle school team.)

c) I got sick. Again.

aaaannnd d) Voldemort’s parents were gone and she came over here. Yeah. It’s a crazy life. So here is my post to make up for all that time.



*Glances at the ceiling*

I’m blocked. Yuck. Don’t you just hate that? I do. Obviously. Grr. I should stop with the small sentences. They’re annoying. AH! I can’t stop! Okay, I think I’m good now. *little ranting over*

Back to writer’s block. I have heard that music and insomnia are the only cures for writer’s block. They are not working for me. Help!

Can you tell I’m desperate? Do you have any ideas for cures? What do you do if you have writer’s block?

~The StoryWeaver

P.S. Wow. This was not the epic apology post I hoped it would be. I’m sorry.

~The StoryWeaver, again.