Oh dear. I have to give my favorite book! Impossible! That’s like asking me what my favorite star is.

SO, I’m going to tell you ONE of my favorite books. I have several. *coughArtemisFowlcoughHarryPottercoughDragonsinourMidstcough*

The book is Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev. It’s so good and I absolutely love it. It’s about this girl, Beatrice Shakespeare Smith AKA Bertie who lives in a theatre. And the theatre is magical. I know what you’re thinking. A magical theatre? What is this? But it’s good. And the theatre is magical because the people that act are the actual characters. So. Good.

I’m going to stop raving about one of my favorite books and actually go read it. 🙂
What’s one of your favorites? Can you even pick a favorite?

~The StoryWeaver.